Consulta Giovani Lodine

– Consulta Giovani Lodine is a democratic, autonomous,non-profit institution, committed to civil liberties, inspired by the fundamental rights of women and men. It is an advisory body of the City Council to which it presents proposals for deliberation on youth-related issues and gives a non-binding opinion on all issues addressed by the Council that concern young people.The youth consultation:- is a tool for understanding the realities of young people- promotes projects and initiatives related to young people- promotes debates, research, and meetings- activates and promotes initiatives for better use of leisure time- facilitates coordination between youth groups and local institutions through various communication tools: video, print media, etc.- activates and develops dialogue between and with various youth realities in the municipal area- relates to informal groups- promotes permanent relationships with Consultations and Forums present in the provincial and regional territory, with Consultations and Forums present in other regions and coordinates with the national and international level- can gather information in sectors of interest to young people (school, university, the world of work, leisure, sports, volunteering, culture and entertainment, mobility abroad, military service, environment, vacation and tourism).
– It gathers information in the mentioned fields, either directly, through autonomous research, or through the administrative structures and equipment of the municipality.
– manages the part of the annual budget allocated for its operation, and any funding for specific projects promotes self-financing activities.

Other Youth Stakeholder
Opportunites Offered
Volunteering at Local Level
Field of Activity
Music and Art, Cultural, Active Citizenship