Consulta Provinciale Studentesca

Consulta Provinciale Studentesca (CPS) is made up of two student representatives from each Secondary School in the Province of Nuoro, elected by October 31st using the same methods as the election of student representatives in the school councils, in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1 of D.P.R. 567/96 and its subsequent modifications and additions. The Student Consultation is located in Nuoro at 29 Toscana Street, at the “G.P.Chironi” Technical Commercial Institute. The CPS aims to coordinate, inform, and represent student activities in the school, provincial, regional, national, and international levels.

The tasks of the CPS are to:

  • collect proposals and initiatives presented by each member of the Assembly, which represents the school needs of their institute or their town of origin;
  • propose solutions and ideas for specific youth initiatives;
  • serve as a link between students and school institutions;
  • inform students about laws that directly affect them, the rights recognized by the Student Statute, the administrative spaces within which they can move, funds for the right to study, and any other useful information and advice to promote activities in schools for the benefit of students;
  • encourage the exercise of democracy within schools and the full use of student spaces, both in individual schools and in the province;
  • evaluate the National, Regional, Provincial, and individual school system, in terms of facilities, educational offerings, services for students, use of funds for the right to study, and any other aspect that involves the student’s life, drawing up, if appropriate, final reports of the analysis carried out. The CPS can also express opinions on the actions of school administrators or any other member of the school community.

The Consultation can organize Provincial Forums with various activities and events (sports, theater, music, etc.) and also organize decentralized events. The Consultation can request, if deemed appropriate, the presence of experts who provide technical advice and support for the choices to be made. 

Informal Youth Group
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Active Citizenship, Education