Diyarbakır Çevre ve Kalkınma Derneği | ÇEVKA

Diyarbakir Environment and Development Association is an active volunteer environmentalist association, which was established in 2013 with its activities in the field of civil society, operating in Diyarbakir, both locally and internationally. It maintains cooperation and studies with educational institutions in Turkey, regional offices related to environment and development, institutions and non-profit organizations. As a result of its work, our association has been followed with interest by active youth workers, students, trainers, volunteers, academics, project coordinators and project experts, and has reached members and followers from all over Turkey, especially from Diyarbakır.

               Our association has realized or partnered with many projects since 2013. He sent many of our young people to various countries in Europe. Apart from Europe, he had the opportunity to make and participate in projects in exotic and fantastic places such as Greenland, the North Pole (Svalbard Island), Madagascar and the Caribbean. It has provided many skills to the young people it has participated in and has been instrumental in meeting new opportunities in their lives.

Our Goals and Aims;

To carry out local, national and international projects or to be a partner

Creating a wide working network

Providing professional support to public institutions and organizations, NGOs that want to use the grants provided by the EU

Contributing to the self-development of youth by doing various social activities

Aiming to raise the level of eco-thinking of young people and make them environmentally friendly and active volunteers.

Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering at Local Level, Training
Field of Activity
Cultural, Social Policy, Equal Opportunities, Education