Građanske Inicijative

Građanske Inicijative (Civic Initiatives) were founded in May 1996 by a group of prominent NGO activists that were involved in the anti-war movement and non-nationalist democratic opposition since 1990. Since then, Civic Initiatives respond to the need to create a civic base that sustains democratic values by supporting citizens’ activism and advocating for a better legal framework for civic participation.

Građanske Inicijative implement their activities through two programs: the program for strengthening civil society capacities and the program for public policies.

NGO, Governamental Authority in Youth Polices
Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering at Local Level, Internships, Training, Education
Field of Activity
Humanitarian, Music and Art, Social Welfare, Cultural, Social Policy, Active Citizenship, Environmental, Gender Issues, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights, LGBT, Health