GRUCA is a Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility that believes in sustainability and in particular has the following aims:

a) the defense of the environment and biodiversity from all degradations

b) the promotion of a society committed to responsible consumption of the earth’s resources, attentive to the rights of future generations and to the preservation of ecosystems

c) the promotion of a culture of environmental sustainability understood not only as a change in the man-nature relationship but as a life model based on a new conception of human relationships, rediscovering the concepts of solidarity, cooperation, responsibility and interculturalism

d) the dissemination of forms of active citizenship and volunteering, also understood as a model of sustainability, based on a participatory, solidarity-based and non-utilitarian vision of life

e) the dissemination of information material and the organization of courses and activities aimed at educating citizens

f) collaboration with public and private bodies and with the various expressions of volunteering, bringing the contribution of one’s thoughts, one’s experience and one’s energies.

Other Youth Stakeholder
Opportunites Offered
Volunteering at Local Level, Education
Field of Activity
Environmental, Animal Welfare, Education