GSM Gençlik Servisleri Merkezi

GSM-Youth Services Center was established in Ankara in 1985 in order to contribute to the individual, social and cultural development of young people and to support their active participation in social and economic life.

GSM accepts the youth as the main resource and the most dynamic segment of the society. It believes that the active participation of young people in social life contributes to the continuation and development of the democratic social infrastructure. On the one hand, it tries to contribute to the young people to overcome the difficulties in front of their active participation in social and economic life, on the other hand, it tries to make the young people understand that “life is a system that includes giving as well as taking”. It strives for the development of youth work and youth policies with a rights-based approach so that young people can become individuals who look to the future with hope.

GSM handles all its programs, projects and activities with a pedagogical approach within the framework of the basic principles of human development and youth work. The mental, emotional, spiritual, individual, social and cultural development of young people is at the forefront of their work.



Volunteering is a social initiative for solidarity or meeting a social need and is a unique learning process that contributes to the individual and social development of young people. In addition to the social benefit obtained as a result of voluntary work, young people who take part in voluntary work; their problem solving and communication skills develop, they learn teamwork, to be more tolerant in social life, to cooperate and to cooperate, to understand society and the world better, to gain new life experiences, to increase self-confidence, and to develop value judgments.

Privacy Company for Youth
Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, Volunteering at Local Level, Internships, Training
Field of Activity
Cultural, Environmental, Equal Opportunities