Lycée La fontaine des eaux

La Fontaine des Eaux High School is a technical and general high school located in Dinan. It has approximately 2,100 students.

General and technological high school: after the general and technological Second, the high school prepares for the new baccalaureate (which includes specialities), as well as for the STI2D and STMG baccalaureates.

The professional high school on the Fontaine des Eaux site offers industrial training (in the fields of metalwork, production, maintenance, electrical engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning, household appliances) and training in the tertiary sector (from BEP at the BTS, in the fields of accounting, secretarial work, logistics, communication and management assistant.). Tertiary training in the personal services sector is also offered on the Ker Siam site.

Educational Institute
Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, Internships, Training, Education
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Music and Art, Cultural, Active Citizenship, Environmental, Equal Opportunities, Education