La Mission Locale du Pays de Dinan

The Local Mission is a place of welcome open to ALL young people aged 16 to 25 inclusive who have left the school system, whatever their diploma, wishing to be helped in their personal and/or professional project according to their needs.

A team of professionals receives by or without an appointment in Dinan or in a local office to respond to their concerns about professional orientation, mobility, housing, health, financial assistance and assistance, fixed-term employment , interim, CDI, apprenticeship,…

The Local Mission of Dinan is in contact with more than 300 employers in the area to promote their rapprochement with young people: internship, employment, apprenticeship, company visit, sponsorship,…

It also works on a daily basis with various partners: training centres, Pôle Emploi, social workers, FJT, etc.

440 Missions Locales in France fulfill this public service mission for the professional and social integration of young people, defined in the Labor Code.

The Local Missions were created by ordinance in 1982, following a report by Bertrand Schwartz “The professional and social integration of young people.”

Opportunites Offered
Volunteering at Local Level, Internships, Training, Education
Field of Activity
Music and Art, Cultural, Active Citizenship, Environmental, Gender Issues, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights