Municipality of Engomi

The original small village expanded rabidly after the independence of Cyprus in 1960 and now it is developing as one of the best residential areas of Nicosia. Furthermore it is becoming a major business centre and provides the infrastructure for light industry. The majority of its population belongs to the middle class but at the core of the town, the old part, a number of people that still can’t be identified belong to the lower socioeconomic classes. Quite a number of these people are immigrants (8,56% in 2001) or refugees.
Nowadays, Engomi is one of the most developing residential areas of Nicosia district, with a population of 18.010 inhabitants, over an area 10 square kilometers (from which 30% is part of the buffer zone, and 20% percent is inaccessible since 1974 because of the occupation of the country by the Turkish forces).
Engomi became a Municipality on 1986. First elected Mayor was Mr. Michalakis Zivanaris. The mayor today (5th) is Mr Zacharias Kyriakou, a sport reporter / journalist by profession. According to the Municipality Law of 1985 the mayor and members of the council are elected directly from the residents every 5 years.
The name ”Engomi” must probably comes from the Ancient Greek words “Nea” and “Komi” meaning new town. As Engomi was created at 1567, after the destruction of houses and churches by the Venetians. The homeless residents moved outside the walls of Nicosia establishing a “New Town” in the southwest of Nicosia.
The initial center of Engomi was the area in the northeast of the old church of St. Nicholas and the first citizens 150 is the number most of them laborers farmers and shepherds, were Ottoman period. In Engomi there situated also the old church of St. Prokopios and the church of Virgin Mary of Makedonitissa, which is erected during Venetian rule.
The number of residents remained low during the period of the British Colonial rule, but the area grew rapidly as a result of urbanization after 1930’s.
Particularly, important factor in the overall development of Engomi was the foundation of the Industrial Area of Engomi. The industrial development and urban expansion was increased after the Independence of Cyprus at 1960.
At 1968 the Cyprus Airport was within at the district of Engomi, brought a tremendous growth. After the Turkish invasion of 1974, the population growth of Engomi was even faster due to movement of Greek Cypriots refugees.
The Municipality of Engomi has given a great attention to Culture since its establishment. It has established its own Municipal Choir, Orchestra and Photography and Cinema Club. The main purpose of the consistence of these is to cultivate the love for art (music, photography and cinema) as well as their participation in different culture events in Cyprus and abroad.
The Municipal Library created few years ago. Its collection is made up of more than 6.000 volumes, which covers all ages and interests, and it is continuously being enriched. The material covers several categories including World History, Social Science, Philosophy, Religion, Art, Literature, Entertainment, etc.
The Municipality of Engomi proceeds with the twining with other municipalities abroad in order to gain advantages and experiences concerning social, health and education. It has been twinned with the following Municipalities:
Municipality of Eordaia (Macedonia province, Greece)
Municipality of Ithaki (Ithaca island, Greece)
Municipality of Chania (Crete island, Greece)
Arbat Region of the Central Administrative District
of Moscow (Russia)
Recently, due to the initiative of the Engomi Municipality, a conference with all the twinning Municipalities from Greece was held. The subject of the meeting was “Technologies/ technical projects at the municipalities”.
Further, during August, a delegation of Medical Personnel from Engomi Municipality visited the Arbat Region, in order to exchange their knowledge and experiences.
At the district of Engomi are two private Universities, five primary schools, four secondary schools, a number of public community or private kinder gardens and the Institution for the Deaf people.
During the last few years, a lot of green areas and parks have been created, in order to offer entertainment, leisure and better quality of life to the citizens. Today more than 25 organized green places exist with amphitheatres, fountains and play – places.
Social Welfare
One of the priorities of the Municipal Council is to offer quality services, daily care and creative programs to its citizens with the establishment of an Institution of Elderly and Youth Club.
The Municipality of Engomi has played a pioneer role in the construction of the Medical Centre which offers free medical advice to its citizens. Further, there are many private hospitals, clinics and medical centers.
The Makareion Athletic Centre, the two multifunction closed Halls; Lefkotheon and Elefhteria—Tassos Papadopoulos, the National Tennis Centre and the National Archery are situated at the district of Engomi. The most important athletic organizations also operate at Engomi district. ETHA Basketball Club, which is based in Engomi, won the Cypriot League the last two years.
The Municipality of Engomi is well-known as the ‘”municipality of Embassies” since many of the embassies operate in the area. For example Russian, Italian, Ukraine, Chinese, American Embassy.
Cyprus International Fair – Expo Cyprus
Since 1976, the Cyprus International Exhibition operates at Engomi district, in a specialized arranged area of approximately 270.000 square. The exhibition hall is equipped with all modern facilities and services in order to organize and host such important international events.

Governamental Authority in Youth Polices
Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering at Local Level, Internships, Training, Education
Field of Activity
Humanitarian, Music and Art, Social Welfare, Cultural, Social Policy, Active Citizenship, Gender Issues, Animal Welfare, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights, LGBT, Health