Nicea Kültür ve Eğitim Derneği

Founded in Iznik/Bursa, Nicea Culture and Education Association is the center of education (formal and non-formal), art (theatre, painting, music, literature, cinema and graphic design), research (academic and social) and project management. It aims to enable them to gain new experiences and assume more active social roles by carrying out their activities at local, national and international levels. Our association carries out activities and projects to inform especially about human rights, active citizenship, environment, sustainable development and entrepreneurship with its members and volunteers, mostly teachers, who have a wide range of professions and education. NICEA develops projects with national and international partners with a broad perspective, especially for young people, children and adults in rural areas, aims to increase civic participation and support development and development in the region. It is the only non-governmental organization that carries out activities and Erasmus+ projects especially for young people and women in Iznik.

The main objectives of the Association are

– To carry out functional and professional project-based art, research and education studies;

– Developing local, national and international partnerships,

creating platforms to realize long-term common goals;

– To increase the awareness and usability of the funds offered by international institutions, to support and advise individuals, NGOs, SMEs, institutions and organizations that want to use them locally

– To take professional initiatives by establishing international partnerships in the fields of education and research

– Contributing to increasing employment in society, especially for youth and women

– Organizing activities that will benefit the society and contribute to their social and cultural development by using non-formal and formal education methods ;

– Reintegrating

individuals with limited opportunities into society who cannot participate in social activities due to lack of access to information, socio-economic deprivations, not knowing a foreign language, physical or mental disability;

– To help Turkish youth, who will come together with the youth of the world in international activities,

to introduce Turkish culture and people, and to help Turkish youth

to get to know the people and cultures of other countries;

– To instill awareness of volunteering and active participation in young people

Governamental Authority in Youth Polices
Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, Education
Field of Activity
Music and Art, Social Welfare, Cultural, Environmental, Equal Opportunities, Education