OSVIC International Voluntary Christian Organization of Sardinia

OSVIC (International Voluntary Christian Organization of Sardinia) is a Non Governmental Organization that is recognized from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appropriate for carrying out activities of national and international voluntary.

OSVIC was born in 1981, in Oristano, and it has the following objectives:

  •  Through cooperation projects in Africa and South America, make people authors of their own development supporting the efforts of their communities and  the local organizations and institutions .
  • Strengthen social changes with particular attention to social inclusion and the fight against poverty, through the promotion of local transformation’s path and cooperation among people.

OSVIC realizes cooperation projects thanks to the generosity of many friends.

National voluntary
You can help OSVIC collaborating to all the initiatives which have awereness aims about the thematic of the South of the world and fund raising for the development’s projects.
Proposing  activities:

  • Creation of info points during fairs or local events
  • Sales gadgets during events
  • Support to photo shows, conferences and meetings
  • Forming support groups

Private Companies ad local Institution can help us through:

  • Supporting a project
  • Promoting conferences, events, publications…
  • Diffusion of the OSVIC’s commitment on a website
  • Giving a percentage of sales

International voluntary
If you want to do an international voluntary experience with OSVIC you have many possibility:

  • Become volunteer without a salary  in an OSVIC project. You have to pay the travel. During the period of your service you will be an OSVIC guest and you will have bed and board.
  • Become an international operator with a salary. We look for professionals in different disciplines.
  • Become a volunteer in International Civil Service. The International Civil Service Volunteer is  a 1 8-29 years person.  You can decide to dedicate a year of your life to training inside an international cooperation project. You will receive a monthly salary  from the Italian Government and you can’t play a direct responsibility  inside the project.  

    OSVIC Volunteers  have to:
  • Be interested about development cooperation and solidarity’s questions among people
  • Be adaptability
  • Be helpful for training
  • Have specific and technical skills
  • Have linguistics knowledge
Opportunites Offered
Volunteering at Local Level, Training
Field of Activity
Humanitarian, Social Welfare, Environmental, Equal Opportunities, Human Rights