Puglia à la Breizh

Puglia à la Breizh is an international association for Franco-Italian cooperation.

Its mission is to encourage relations between young people from the two countries, to strengthen their understanding and, in so doing, to change the way they see their neighbouring country.

Through the organisation of dynamic cultural workshops, based on the sharing of knowledge and information, it wishes to give the desire to act. Our actions aim to arouse curiosity about the other culture, and are aimed at a wide audience: children in primary, secondary and high school, young adults, students, unemployed people, apprentices, entrepreneurs or employees. The association acts as a laboratory for the design of cross-border projects and for European cooperation. PAB strives to offer all young people in France and Italy the same opportunities for mobility and to make it possible for them to participate in a society in which the plurality of origins, religions and identity models is a strength.

Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering at Local Level, Internships, Training, Education
Field of Activity
Music and Art, Cultural, Active Citizenship, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights