Sardegna Chiama Sardegna

Sardegna chiama Sardegna is a group of young people, living precarious lives that do not feel represented by the political groups that have been governing their island for too long. They inherit from them a Sardinia that is increasingly impoverished, depopulated and depressed. They want to build an alternative to all of this, together with all those who, regardless of age and previous experiences, want a Sardinia that generates opportunities, is democratized and self-determined. 


  • to see the island become a place where social inequalities are combated through a new, more just and sustainable model of development. 
  • to invest in knowledge, education, and free access to culture throughout life, increasing the number of graduates and raising knowledge and skills to renew the world of work, build a more complete democracy, and increase social well-being. 
  • a Sardinia where being a woman is not a disadvantage in work or daily life, through innovative policies on work, new services for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, territorial health and social services, and widespread sexual education in schools to eradicate gender and LGBTQ+ violence. 
  • a Sardinia that speaks its own language proudly in all public spheres and that knows its history as a people, and that is proud of its history and is not perceived as peripheral but as a central and integral part of European and Mediterranean history. 
  • a Sardinia that is a mosaic of places where one can live with dignity, with quality employment, guaranteed services and social and civil rights, from cities to the smallest villages. 
  • a Sardinia that is 100% renewable and energy independent, not serving multinationals but the island’s communities and businesses. 
  • a Sardinia that takes care of its territory and that revives it through multifunctional agriculture and policies aimed at closing the supply chain, supporting production, and innovative training for a generational replacement that keeps the island’s countryside alive. 
  • a Sardinia that can respond to the new needs of its inhabitants, with new infrastructure and an efficient and transparent Public Administration that actively supports the modernization process and the strengthening of social and cultural fabric. 
  • a Sardinia that is free from old and new centralization, that takes big steps towards its own political and institutional self-determination in the Euro-mediterranean sphere, and that takes advantage of its Autonomy to assert its interests.
Informal Youth Group
Opportunites Offered
Volunteering at Local Level
Field of Activity
Social Welfare, Social Policy, Active Citizenship, Environmental, Gender Issues, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights, LGBT, Health