SKE Avgorou

Council of Community Volunteerism of Avgorou takes action in Avgorou Community, in Kokkinochoria area in Famagusta district.
Avgorou is a border region, agricultural area and has about 5000 residents. It’s a big community and the most residents are occupied with agriculture.
Avgorou community offers services like Banks, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Supermarkets, clothing shops, Athletic center etc

Council of Community Volunteerism of Avgorou is self employed voluntary not speculative organization and runs six programs:
* Elderly home ( Agios Georgios Avion )
* Program of Taking Care old people at home.
* Infants and children Nursery.
* Children Nursery.
* Children club.
* Elderly club (Never Home Alone).

It’s self employed voluntary not speculative organization, member of Pan Cyprian Council of Volunteerism. It is consisted of all voluntary councils of Avgorou community (youth club, parents’ council, elderly council, athletic organizations, etc).
Its aim is to offer social services to residents of the area and to improve their life living. Particularly, importance is given to protection and care of sensitive parts of population such as infants, children, youth, old people, working women etc.
To achieve the above aims the organization uses the six programs mentioned before

Opportunites Offered
Field of Activity
Humanitarian, Music and Art, Social Welfare, Cultural, Social Policy, Active Citizenship