The Association of Women in Technology (Wtech) was established on January 31, 2019 with 75 Founding Corporate Members who came together with the intention of advancing towards the same goal. It works with a quota of 80% women and 20% men, with the aim of gaining expertise and competence in technology, especially in the field of technology, with the aim of raising women who are few in number and with low motivation in this sector, and to become an expert and competent producer and to be included in employment.

The Women in Technology Association has reached more than 160 members in a short time after its establishment and carries out its activities within the framework of 3 focal points. These are education, sustainability and research & measurement.

Within the scope of “Training”, it provides completely free, certified, online and interactive technical trainings and soft skill trainings under the umbrella of Wtech Academy. In addition to Wtech Academy, he established the Youth Transformation Academy in cooperation with the Confederation of Turkish Employers’ Associations (TİSK). More than 2000 young people, 70% of whom are women, have graduated from the two academies to date. The employment rate of graduates is 90%. Educational programs continue rapidly.

Within the scope of “Sustainability”, it carries out studies by determining one of the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals every year. In 2020-2021, with the goal of “End Hunger”, it organized the Technological and Innovative Solutions in Agriculture Competition to make agriculture sustainable, use technology in agriculture and increase the power of women, and awarded women entrepreneurs and students. For the year 2022, work is being done on the title of “Water, Sanitation and Energy”.

Within the scope of “research and measurement”, by turning its focus on people, by addressing the relationship of individuals above a certain age group with technology, the gender breakdown of individuals working in technology, whether STEM graduates continue to work in technology and, if so, their satisfaction, Turkey’s first technology and human index has completed his work.

With these three focal points, the Association of Women in Technology; enabling individuals to discover their own potential; In order to raise curious, researcher, productive and self-confident people who are experts in technology, to bring them into the business world, to ensure human diversity in technology, it aims to ensure that women who are few in number and who are low in motivation to make a career are specialized and empowered to take part in this field. In addition, within the scope of artificial intelligence with great potential; It aims to contribute to the transformation of Turkey as a smart and technological society by helping to increase technical skills in rapidly transforming business areas.

The Founder of the Association is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors Zehra ÖNEY

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Humanitarian, Social Welfare, Social Policy, Environmental, Gender Issues, Equal Opportunities, Human Rights, LGBT