Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı

Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) is a non-governmental organization that gained its legal identity on December 29, 2002 [1].

While determining its principles, the Foundation aims to be respectful to differences and act in harmony with differences, and to adopt any religious, ideological, political, ethnic, etc. principles. has adopted not to advocate or propagate the view. Acting on the basis of volunteerism, the foundation aims to; To implement various social responsibility projects under the leadership of the youth and under the guidance of adults, to ensure the participation, guidance and support of adult volunteers who believe in the synergy that young people can create and who can make material and moral investments for a social purpose, contribute to the formation of a self-confident, entrepreneurial and sensitive youth who can produce solutions to the problems around them. To be present in the society as raising awareness in the direction of social responsibility. Stating that they are working to transform the energy of youth into social benefit by using the slogan “not to criticize, but to change”, the foundation stated that; determined its target audience as young people between the ages of 17-25.

Within the framework of these purposes, it aims to provide mutual scholarship assistance to those who deserve it, internship opportunities to improve their business skills, micro-credit programs to direct entrepreneurship and project finance applications on the basis of productivity and responsibility.

As of 2009, there are over 20,000 young Community Volunteers and they are organized as 103 units in Turkey, mostly university clubs/communities.[2]


Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, Volunteering at Local Level, Education
Field of Activity
Cultural, Active Citizenship, Gender Issues, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights, Health