U-learn Education is an Education and Training centre founded in 2010 in Limassol, Cyprus. It currently comprises of a highly qualified and specialized team of 12 educators and external associates. U-learn offers high quality courses in ICT and foreign languages such as Greek, English, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and German, designed to cover the needs of Academic, Professional and Vocational purposes in Formal, Non-Formal and Informal contexts. All courses, trainings, seminars and workshops aim to promote personal and professional development through life-long learning. U-learn is an approved,certified training centre for Adults by the Human Resource Authority of Cyprus and by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is highly functional and equipped with the latest technologies.

Our Philosophy and objectives:
U-Learn’s team and director strive to facilitate learning as well as to provide life skills, to mediate and to enable professionals and students to develop and advance personally and professionally. We provide an open learning system which caters for the learners’ individual styles, needs, progress and expectations. Learning is beyond academic achievements, both under formal, non-formal and informal contexts. We believe that Learning is for LIFE! Therefore, we provide our learners with autonomy, independence and various tactics and life skills in order for them to become active European citizens. We focus on the communicative approach providing ample experiential learning in a democratic environment.

Apart from academic courses U-learn education centre provides training courses for adults of all ages, and regularly organizes tailored business language trainings for small enterprises for developing and improving existing practices. Many of our trainees also include migrants from other countries such as Russia, Italy, Ireland and Bulgaria who wish to learn Greek and/or English as a second Language in order to be able to enter the Cypriot labor market. Courses and trainings have also been designed as synchronous online programmes (via Skype), which help adult learners to develop and use the language effectively, fluently and without any hesitation. These programmes aim to develop communicative skills in English in real life situations.
U-learn education centre has participated in various European projects as a partner over the past few years (Grundtvig, Erasmus +)

Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, Training, Education
Field of Activity
Social Policy, Active Citizenship, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights