Yetkin gençler YETGEN

Yetkin Gençlik, Prof. Dr. It is an awareness training program established in 2015 under the leadership of Erhan Erkut and with the support of MEF University and Mehmet Zorlu Foundation.

Since the first day it was founded, we are trying to equip young people who have the dream and desire to change the world, with the competencies they will need on this path. In addition to the inspiring trainings we provide, we support and reinforce the learning process with practices outside of training. In addition, with the contribution of our supporters, our students can benefit from various additional educational resources such as LinkedIn Learning. We provide our students with an inclusive experience with our weekly newsletters, social media channels and various departments. At the end of the training, our students who have the necessary qualifications and have the YetGen culture are entitled to receive a certificate.

YetGen is a Limited Liability Competent Youth Education Cooperative brand.

What is YetGen’s Purpose?

With the benefit of being an online program by reaching individuals from every corner of Turkey, we observe equality of opportunity in education. By supporting the self-esteem of young people in Turkey, we offer an internal dynamic that will enable them to experience the competencies they should have in the 21st century. In our training, we provide basic skills such as teamwork and presentation techniques, as well as technical skills such as algorithmic thinking and modeling with Excel.

In addition to improving students’ 21st century-themed information, technology, financial and digital literacy, we also touch upon personal development themes such as mindfulness, stress management, healthy life, and touch points that can serve as companions in their entire lives. We ensure that they have competencies such as teamwork, problem solving and time management that they can use not only in their personal life, but also in their professional business and career life

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