YOUTHART Gençlik Sanat Araştırma ve Eğitim Derneği

YOUTHART Youth Art Research and Training Association is a non-profit youth organization accredited as Eurodesk and European Voluntary Service Program Sending and Coordinating Organization, realizing numerous projects in cooperation with the Ministry of European Affairs Turkish National Agency for 8 years, focusing on media and society and giving the chance to the youth to take active roles in local and international activities.

YOUTHART Youth Art Research and Training Association is an independent, democratic, non-political and youth-oriented social initiative since April 2008, with a large potential of members and followers throughout Turkey, aiming youth to take active roles in the society with the idea of “for the youth with the youth“, thus, voluntarily organizing social and cultural activities at local, national and international levels led by youth workers, volunteers, students, trainers, academicians and project experts who are active in art, research, training and project management. YOUTHART is a Eurodesk Türkiye Multiplier and European Voluntary Service Sending and Coordinating Organization accredited by Turkish National Agency, as well as a member of European Youth4Media Network, National Youth Parliament and Youth Organizations Forum.

YOUTHART’s Main Activities are Erasmus+ Projects, European Voluntary Service, Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, Seminars, Informative Meetings, Project Consultancy, Art and Media Workshops, Courses on Social and Language Skills, Research Studies, Opportunities of Study Abroad and Scholarships, Contests, Camps, Festivals, Trips, Visits, Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions, Parties, Concerts, Picnics, Healthy Nutrition and Wellness Activities, Social Fun Activities

YOUTHART mainly works with university students, and focuses on social activities trying to include youth with fewer opportunities into local and international activities through funds of the EU, especially Erasmus+ Programme.

YOUTHART has organized and been partner in dozens of training courses, seminars and youth exchanges since 2008. Thanks to the fact that we have a lot of active members as university students, so it will not be difficult for us to choose the best participants as possible in this event. Our participants have a good educational background and communicational skills although most of them come from rural areas and socially and economically disadvantaged areas of Turkey.

Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering at Local Level, Training
Field of Activity
Music and Art, Cultural