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The Connect’s meeting partners held in Kaunas!

The partners of the Connect project, carried out by 9 institutions from 8 countries, came together in Kaunas, Lithuania, on April 22-23 to evaluate the administrative process of the project. The meeting was hosted by the Global Citizens’ Academy.

The partners started the meeting by evaluating the activities carried out in the first year of the project and the roadmap. Detailed information was given to the partners about how the mid-reporting of the project would be. Dissemination activities were examined in detail and ideas were expressed on the online platform to be created. How the research processes progressed was evaluated.

In the rest of the meeting, the next year’s planning was made, the strategy created was reviewed and the strategies determined so that the project targets could be realized in parallel with the objectives were reinforced. Finally, the developments in the monitoring process were conveyed and the first small-scale local activities were planned.

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