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The First International Seminar in Estonia

The First International Seminar of the Connect project was held in Tallinn, Estonia on 1-7 March 2022. 9 partners from 8 countries participated in the seminar hosted by TDM 2000 Eesti. Youth Participation in partner countries has been reviewed in detail.

The seminar started with the recap of the Project process, and discussions were held on different policies that will enable the development of young people. In the following days of the project, youth participation in partner countries was elaborated. By addressing the existing problems and gaps, the challenges for youth policies were discussed. Good practices of the countries on youth participation were presented, also new suggestions have been improved to overcome these challenges. Afterward, to better define the problem, the competencies that the decision-maker and policymaker should have, to be more effective at the local level were discussed. Likewise, the competencies that a young person should possess to make an impact in the local community and cooperate with policy makers were also discussed.

In the last days of the project, the seminar outputs for the booklet that will be created, were worked on and the first plannings of the local events to be organized were made. The partners developed interesting ideas on local events to disseminate the results effectively.

During the 5-day seminar, the partners had the chance to know each other better, and by working together, creative, and innovative ideas, and suggestions were brought forward.

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