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The Second International Seminar in Slovakia

The Second International Seminar of the Connect project was held in Nitra, Slovakia on 17-22 June 2022. 9 partners from 8 countries participated in the seminar hosted by TDM 2000 Eesti. Youth Participation in partner countries has been reviewed in detail.

After the welcoming the seminar started with the introduction of the participants and recap of the process since the last seminar. For the first day the participants completed given teamwork exercises along with some ice breaker tasks. Also they had some time to discover Nitra and contribute to some field activities.

Second research was one of the main focal points of the seminar. Each partner presents the results of the second research to other participants and by doing that they all had an opportunity to discover some good practices of different countries and also they can examine why some particular practices had failed. Participants also had a teamwork activity related to the research results. Two partner countries worked as a group and they elaborated, revised and feedback each others’ findings.

In the last days of the project, the seminar outputs were evaluated by the partners and participants completed the padlet. The partners also presented the first local event which was planned at the first seminar and had an opportunity to create new ideas for the second local event which will be held by partners until September.

Along with the professional work, the participants was thrilled to reunite with familiar faces of the first seminar and meet with newcomers.

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