Results of the Project

The main results of the project will be:

A research on the situation of youth participation will be in the countries involved.

Creation of an Educational Game, a board game with option cards and scenarios which will be available in digital version and combined with a platform in support of players.

A Mobile APP containing the digital extension of the board game.

Drafting of a Policy Recommendation and adaptation Guide that starts a process of transformation on how to promote youth engagement.

Implementation of one international training course and one international seminar for a total of 16 youth workers involved for creating the educational game at international level and 21 youth workers involved in an international seminar to test and learn how to use the developed methodology.

Realisation of 6 National dissemination local events and 1 Final project conference, involving around 200 direct beneficiaries in the partnership countries.

Download the
Educational Board Game

Download the Policy recommendations and adaptation Guide