FINLAND: our local activities

Type of activity: All the organized activities followed the scheme envisaged by the project through the shared road map. This report contains the activities deemed of greatest interest for the results obtained and for the achievement of the expected objectives.

Country: Finland

Partner: StepEurope

Description: Local activities in Finland were designed by project partner StepEurope. Their activities are divided in different steps, connected each other.

First activity: workshop entitled “#DemocracyAndMe” took place at same time as the opening event of the Turku City Kaupunginosapäivät, which brought more visibility for the workshop. During this activity participants involved were encouraged to ponder the topic replying to the following questions: “What does democracy mean to you?”; “How is it possible to influence in your opinion?” “How have you influenced in your own community?”. With their own thoughts, ideas and the discussion in their mind participants  were invited to get creative with their t-shirt, that they were able to keep after.

Second activity: “My Europe”, a public event where participants have been involved in the discussion of their idea of Europe connected with obstacles to active participation; the project and international opportunities offered by StepEurope have been presented.

Aim: Aim and objectives of the activities are different as follow:

  • To get in contact with the topic of the EU Youth Dialogue;
  • To have a clear knowledge about the project, its activities and its long term benefits;
  • To make youth think about what democracy means to them, how can they make an impact and be active citizens.
  • To discuss and underline personal and different experiences of integration;
  • To develop strategies for better integration.

Main results: Explanation of the most important topics connected with the project. Conversation about integration of migrants and development of strategies; creation of the material for the draft of recommendations; conversations about making a change, what is important for participants and all the ways one person can be active and do something about things they find important.

Target group: Young migrants based in Turku and surrounding areas aged 18-30 years old; Policy makers and decision makers without age limits; general public attending the event interested in the themes discussed.