Cooperativa Sociale Lariso – Onlus

Lariso  is an organization that is based on principles of mutuality, solidarity and cooperation, and whose main purpose is to meet the economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations of its members and to promote the development of the local community. The organization can operate in different fields, such as education, assistance, job placement, environment, culture and tourism. The youth policy area is based on some core values, which characterize its action. One of the main values is the participation of young people in the life of their own community, the promotion of individual well-being to the wider social environment, supporting the idea that people need opportunities to become active in decision-making in the community in order to improve their own lives. The experts in the area propose to design and manage projects based on the opportunities offered by regional, local and European policies. The educational services sector deals with designing, managing, and promoting various socio-educational activities on behalf of public and private entities. In collaboration with the social research area, it actively works on welfare policies by constantly analyzing the needs of individuals and communities. These socio-educational services aim to provide children and young people with spaces and times to experience the construction of educational relationships with both adults and peers, to expand their knowledge, comparisons and enrichment in relation to their community, to help parents reassert their role, and to provide aggregation paths based on play as a means of education in values, respect for rules, and acquisition of new skills. The social research area is a transversal area to all operational areas and services. It establishes the structural foundations (theoretical and practical) that allow all the activities of the Cooperative to achieve optimal results. The Training area of the Cooperative is also transversal to all operational areas and all services that Lariso manages in the region.

Other Youth Stakeholder
Opportunites Offered
Volunteering at Local Level, Training, Education
Field of Activity
Cultural, Active Citizenship, Education, Health