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TDM2000 International


TDM 2000 International is an independent non-profit umbrella organization, born in 2008, whose aim is to foster cooperation through the institution of an extensive European network of well-established youth NGOs. Currently we count 30 members in 23 countries. Each member contributes towards a broad spectrum of experience in creating, evolving and implementing innovative educational projects in Europe and overseas.

The NGO is run by volunteers and professionals from different backgrounds, excels in training and coaching, project management, intercultural communication, fundraising and advocacy, lobbying and policy-making, especially at international level.

TDM 2000


We were born in 2000 with a simple and ambitious idea:

Helping young people from all over Europe to meet and collaborate on the common ground of intercultural dialogue and active citizenship.

Through the main international programs for mobility and education we have carried out youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, volunteer programs that have involved thousands of people in important individual growth paths. At the same time we have developed local projects for the enhancement of the territory in the name of a respectful globalization of identities.

Subsequently, faced with a global crisis whose terrible effects affected above all the new generations, we expanded our activities to collaboration with institutions, educational bodies and social actors. This led to large-scale projects in the fields of non-formal education and the transmission of transversal skills for access to the labor market. Projects that took place in partnership with the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Regional Employment Agency, ERSU – Regional Body for the Right to Education, Province of Cagliari, Municipality of Cagliari, University of Studies, Confesercenti.



The NGO “IUVENTA” works in the areas of: youth participation, youth policy, volunteerism, human rights, violence prevention, gender equality, democracy and civil society.

IUVENTA gives information, help and support to the youth about non formal education, social mobility, learning mobility, volunteer work and internships abroad, ecology and sustainable development.

Our daily work consists in organizing activities with a variety of learners, at local, national and international level. We make a deep analysis of those that are the needs of the youngsters and we are including them into the topic for the project so we can give the equal chance to every young person to contribute in every field they feel comfortable to work about.




Global Citizens’ Academy (GCA) aims to promote active global citizenship and sustainability among young people in Lithuania and beyond. It is built on the fundamental values of social justice, solidarity, respect, responsibility for oneself, other people and the planet, open-mindedness, active participation, cooperation and belief in making a difference. The activities of GCA help to:

  • raise awareness of young people about the global interconnectedness, diversity in the societies and their personal role towards fighting global injustice and climate change;
  • encourage youngsters to explore and understand the complexity of different global issues, e.g., poverty, inequality, climate change, etc.;
  • boost active participation of young people so that they contribute to the sustainable changes in the society by their own action.

dragon legion


Dragon Legion is an organization composed by a diverse group of people, spanning 18 countries. We are an inclusive community to all. We are creatives, game designers, students, travelers, artists, engineers, youth workers and so much more.
We aim to build an open minded participatory community where we create, learn and play together. We believe in the power of RPGs, developing the European Role-play Approach (ERA), building new approaches to non-formal learning and innovating the concept of gamification. 
We see Role playing games as a powerful tool, not only to bring people together, but as a mode of self- development, training creative critical thinking, social skills and cultivating cultural exchange. We have been running unique immersive RPG events for over 8 years in 10 European countries and developing the ERA as a non-formal learning technique. We create educational role-play systems for schools, our events and members based on real world mythologies. Our online discord server is a hub for many creative projects, used for workshops, games, meetings and remote collaboration.



TDM 2000 Malta was founded in March 2005 with the aims of achieving a greater consciousness of international cooperation, mutual understanding and the need to be active in today’s society. It is the local branch of TDM 2000 International. The organisation works to enhance youth participation and contribution to society on a local and international level. This is done through the organization of a number of activities such as: – Youth Exchanges and Democracy Projects – Training Courses – Career Placements – Partnership Building Activities – Fund-Raising Activities for the Benefit of Local Charitable Institutes. TDM 2000 Malta dedicated a great deal of time and effort towards achieving the organization’s goals within the Maltese society and international sphere. Members are youths above the age of 18, and any work done within the group is on a voluntary basis. The Organisation has 4 offices; International, Local, Hands-On and Events.

Universidad complutense de madrid


UCM develops a large number of activities of international cooperation, such as conventions, European programs, and projects that allow the exchange of students, teachers, researchers, and administration personnel with universities from around the world. Our university actively maintains agreements of cooperation with more than 900 institutions in 77 countries.