Damla Etkisi: Gençlik Projelerinde Sürdürülebilirliğin Sağlanması

Objectives of the project: - Development of at least 10 new youth projects - Ensuring that at least 300 young people benefit from the projects produced in the long term - To provide youth workers with new competences on employment in the fight against unemployment - Contributing to the employment of young refugees and encouraging entrepreneurship


Results/Outcomes/Products: Project Results: - 12 new youth projects were created during the project. 7 of these projects were applied by the participating organisations in 2019/R3. The other projects are planned to be applied in 2020/R1 period. - If the applied projects are accepted, it is expected that approximately 360 young people will be involved in new projects. - During the project, youth workers have developed new knowledge, skills and attitudes on employment and combating youth unemployment.
Contacts: youthorgtr@gmail.com
Name of the coordinator: Gençlik Çalışmaları Derneği
Location: Mudanya/Bursa/Turkey