Mobile youth club

The Mobile Youth Club ( MOK ) is a displaced youth work program of the Center for Youth Work, financed by Swedish donors IOGT NTO movement and the Radiohjalpen foundation, which has been implemented since 2016 in partnership with Youth Jazas Novi Sad. From the very beginning, the program is aimed at empowering and involving young people with reduced opportunities. Using a branded van equipped with material for implementing youth work (games, educational material, props for various activities)


Results/Outcomes/Products: In the period 2018-2020, the activities of the Mobile Youth Club were also supported by the program OPENS 2019 - Youth Capital of Europe and were aimed at the social inclusion and empowerment of children and youth from Roma and non-Roma communities in the suburban Novi Sad settlements of Klisa and Adice. Together with volunteers, youth workers carry out a set of different activities aimed at quality leisure time, as well as activities aimed at improving social inclusion and strengthening youth.
Name of the coordinator: Centre for youth work
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia