School of Goodwill

In the premises of the Sombor Educational Center, every year a three-day autumn training for new volunteers was held for the tenth year in a row as part of the "School of Goodwill - Volunteers at the Service of Children" program. The program has been implemented since 2009, and to date more than 100 volunteers have helped more than 300 children master the curriculum.


Results/Outcomes/Products: The participants of the training will have the opportunity to provide help to children in mastering the teaching material as part of our long-term program, but in addition, through various activities organized by the SEC for young people, they will also have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of human rights, inclusion, and interculturality, working with children and young people, etc.The program is intended primarily for children from vulnerable groups
Name of the coordinator: Sombor Education Centre
Location: Sombor, Serbia