Youth and media for democratic development

Belgrade Open School is implementing this programme for the second year, providing financial and mentoring support, as well as a capacity building programme for eight youth civil society organizations and eight media which will implement joint projects. The importance of such programme is shown in raised interest of youth - more than 800 young people participated in various trainings, lectures and events and thus improved their knowledge about media literacy and fake news, sexual violence...


Results/Outcomes/Products: The general goal of the Program is to contribute to the strengthening of democratic practice, the values of the rule of law and human rights in Serbia, through the reporting of independent media and the activism of CSOs for youth. The specific objectives among others include: Enabling a sustainable partnership between the media and CSOs for youth in solving the problems of democratization, human rights and the rule of law in the local context;
Name of the coordinator: Belgrade Open School
Location: Belgrade, Serbia