The project introduces new technological developments to the EU population aged 15–29 classed as NEETs – young people Not in Employment, Education or Training- who, statistically speaking, remain technologically inactive and socially and economically excluded from opportunities in Europe. There is a need to provide suitable and engaging education and training interventions for this target group if they are to be re-integrated into the labour market.


Results/Outcomes/Products: The PODSQUAD In-service Training Programme for Youth Workers: Young professionals to be trained in audio production to NEETs, and to support NEETs in using the most commonly available media devices . My Mental Health Toolkit of Resources: PODSQUAD partners will develop a suite of cartoons and self-help resources that are specifically for NEETs.Embedded Learning through Podcasts Curriculum: Through a range of bespoke learning approaches, NEETs will gain key skill. Online Space and Community
Contacts: sealcyprus@gmail.com
Name of the coordinator: SEAL Cyprus
Location: Nicosia